Sunday, November 20, 2011

Delicia Food!

Assalamualaikum..good night to all viewers..Today , my mom cooked somethin' delicious . . It is 'Nasi Ayam Berempah 'and  'Puding Lumut'..It very special you know.. I eat it 3-4 plates..hihi:)

   I afraid if my result is bad or below . . 3.5  MJSC use PNG system or 'pointer' . .Who get 3.5 above , can go Hi-Tea or simplify it as eat buffet at hotel.. and who get 3.7 above can go to National Park at Pahang..

I want to go there . .To meet all the boys' friends..

Try to guess who is it?

It ..


The cute monkey!

O..uh!..uh! (The sound of baby monkey)

Haha..Just jokin'.. :) Ok That's all for this post ..I hope we all get 3.7 above!

Sweet Calla says , I just try to write in English whether right or wrong . .sorry ! I just write what I goin' to mean  Maksudnya, saya just tulis apa yang dimaksudkan.. :)

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