Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hihi..Wet World Shah Alam..

Assalamualaikum..and Hello..Such a long time..I don't update this blog ya..Haha..Last Friday , ( Not yesterday , last week)..I went to Wet World Shah Alam with my dad , friend and cousin. Hoho.. The journey is very boring . . We slept until arrived at Shah Alam. . The place is not so big to compare with Desa Water Park . but it's fun .. We already snap some pictures but my dad don't have USB . . wire I think..After we changed our clothes , my dad rent an '8' shaped float..
  At first  , my dad say he didn't want to change his clothes , but , few minute later , he joined us . .hoho

I have a chance to ride monsoon buster . .Not so thrill compared to Thunderbolt at dwp . . At least , both fun!!
After few hours , we changed our clothes and return the float back. We all slept tiredly ..haha

The Price . .
Above 135cm 12 MYR
Above 85cm 10MYR
Below 85 cm ..I think free..

For more  information please visit here..

Sweet Calla says , If you want to go , don't forget to bring me! :)

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